Shop in tuscany the idea that comes from the heart of the originators of the great love towards their land Tuscany. Through our website we want to give to anyone who wants the opportunity to experience the real Tuscany uniqueness of places, the art, the culture through its cuisine, the ‘crafts and whatever typical you can find in this beautiful land.
The extraordinary thing is to find high quality and unique products exclusively made in TUSCANY concentrated in a single site SHOPINTUSCANY.
Only typical Tuscan products of superior quality result of a careful research in the area by small producers still attached to those age-old traditions that have made it TUSCANY famous in the world.

Who we are:
Borracchini a family of Tuscany ancient origins proud to belong to this earth, and therefore willing to make available to the public their knowledge of small local realities through this e-commerce portal. Knowledge of the area , culture and culinary traditions, crafts and manufacturing allowed us to give birth to this e-commerce portal SHOPINTUSCANY.


The basic concept is the one already stated, our site is dedicated exclusively to typical Tuscan products of superior quality in order to give the manufacturer the opportunity to open a window on an alternative sales channel.
We chose the tools that the new technologies provide us, web marketing and e-commerce, in order to reach directly the final consumer, with the intent to let him understand and appreciate the products of a unique area as for culture, traditions and history and to ensure a value hardly comparable.
Of course this does not exclude the opportunity to reach stores or distributors in various parts of the world, ensuring with follows:
-Careful selection of products
– Guarantee for the consumer to find the quality and authenticity of the product or artefact Made in Tuscany, selected and recommended by the brand Shopintuscany.

Wine and food products :

In the tradition of Tuscany an unquestioned primacy belongs to the good cooking a variety of unique and excellent products, pasta, cured meats, cheeses, jams, sauces , meats , etc. . The reasons are to be found in high -quality raw materials , partly due to the microclimate that characterizes many areas of Tuscany, to be culture and tradition handed down from generation to generation ,to wisdom and imagination in the production process ,to the respect and protect on of the environment. You will never be disappointed by an original Tuscan product .

Craft and other products:

The culture , art and crafts typical of the past are the identity of a territory such as Tuscany and despite of the passage of time , the crafts are still very present, they are an integral and important part of the territory.
Creativity, craftsmanship , taste in the sectors of leather goods , household linen , textiles , jewelery , glass and crystal, packs , clothing, pottery, terracotta , etc. are all quality recognized throughout the world , which is identified as the value of Made in Tuscany .

All the household linen products are of our own production.

Customer Service:

Our customer service is available to provide any information which is not to be found on the site and / or in the general conditions of sale.
Of course also market operators, curious to know the conditions for those who have interest in the resale the products featured on the site can contact our customers service both retail outlets, agents and distributors.

For B2B Resellers.
Lte’s say you are professional trader, you are interested in introducing some products on the site, you want to open a new business, then contact us to find out how you can become a reseller of shopintuscany, please contact our customer service and We will send you customized conditions of sale, sure to satisfy all your requests.

For Companies and Manufacturers

Let’s say you are a manufacturer considering the possibility of becoming a supplier or maybe of advertising your products or your company via, then you must exploit the potential of the tools that technology provides you.